zondag 26 april 2009

65 points in 400 days

When I started blogging last year my rating had reached an all time high. I hade made a jump from 2040 in november 2007 to 2068 in february 2008. This succes inspired me to do two things:
1. Start blogging.
2. Working through step 5 extra, 5+ and step 6 of the stepsmethod.

I worked through the steps while commuting in the train. Not an ideal enviroment, but it sure beats doing nothing or slumbering as far as chess improvement is concerned.

Today the provisional version of new Dutch ratinglist was published. It shows that I have made it over 2100. My new rating is 2105. Since I started to get serious in november 2007, I have gained 65 points. Not even close to the 400 that MdlM made in his stint, but believe me, I am really pleased this accomplishment.