dinsdag 5 februari 2008

You can improve your chess!!

This blog is all about improving your chess. I will share with you my experiences as a certified chesstrainer. English is not my native language, so it takes a lot of effort to be as clear as I want to be, but I will give it my very best.

As a trainer and as a active chessplayer it is my experience that significant improvement (more than 50 ratingpoints) is possible, even when you are allready playing for more than 10 years. It is not that easy to find the richt way to do so however. Therefore I hope to offer you a guide to effective techniques that do make you better, but allow you also to have a social life. My next blog will be on the seven circles program designed by Michael de la Maza. An intense trainigschedule which worked wonderfully for Michael, but was somewhat less effective for his following (see the Knights errants blogs).

Besides giving advise on training and self-improvement I will review books and software. I hope this blog will be usefull and entertaining for everybody who is interested in chess.

6 opmerkingen:

Temposchlucker zei

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Phaedrus zei

Thank you Temposchlucker. It has been your blog that has shown me that blogging can make a difference.

transformation zei


i do not know you, but strongly suspect that you can be a key voice to something which is--as yet--unvocalized.

it is for you to say it, say it better than henceforth before, and to say it here, to us, and we thank you: for us who are ignorant, in English. :)

thank you!!

Phaedrus zei

Hello Transformation,

I am very grateful for your warm welcome. As far as I can be a voice, it will not be a voice for things unsaid. But maybe I can draw attention to chess wisdom that has not received the attention it deserves.

It is our mutual friend Temposchlucker who may be on the verge of great discoveries.

Blue Devil Knight zei

Great to see an excellent chess blog pop up. Really good stuff so far.

Phaedrus zei

Thank You Blue Devil Knight. Comments like this will keep my blog fire burning!