donderdag 12 maart 2009

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

This is the material I have worked with the last year. The workbook is almost completely worn out. I accompanied me during a year on every train ride to and from the office. There never was a book that forced me to work as hard and continuously as this one!

The workbook without its cover.

The torn and worn out cover.

My notebook.

My notes.

My notes in closeup.

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chesstiger zei

I wonder how much exercises you solved in the first time correctly.

Did you only solved the exercises or took the lessons aswel?

Phaedrus zei

I score between 75% and 80%. When I really have mastered a certain motive I sometimes score 100%. But there are also a few exercises in which I bottomed at 50%.

I followed the method recommended in the manual. First I studied a lesson in the manual, and after finishing this chapter, I would do the exercises in the workbook

On average I solve three exercises a week (36 positions). In the weeks in which I studied the manual I did 24 exercises. The latter to prevent me from rushing through the manual.

Temposchlucker zei

I assume you have tried to play blindfoldchess. What's your experience?

transformation zei

beatiful. just fantastic!
brilliant! makes me want to get a friend to photograph my book of the last 20 months, totally ruptured and broken and tattered!

warmest, dk

Phaedrus zei

Yes,please! Share! Every picture tells a story.